Jul 28 2007

Blog Contest Tool

I just came across the coolest blog contest tool and immediately thought of BAYB. Now since Matt is on top of everything, he may already know, but in case he doesn’t and for everyone else’s information here it is. There is a blog dedicated to spreading the word about blog contests! It is logically named [...]

May 1 2007

My Photo Garden

Along side my “Random” projects I have decided to start a new project. I recently discovered that I enjoy taking pictures of flowers, insects and other things found in nature. Because of this I have started a new blog called My Photo Garden. I has a couple of my pictures on it. What I am [...]

Mar 12 2007

Learning to Sign

I have often heard of mothers teaching their infants sign language so that the baby has more power to communicate before he/she is able to speak. I always thought it was a great idea and wanted to try it out with my own children. Of course when I had my baby real life got in [...]

Jan 15 2007

Top 10 Sins of Blog Usability

Over at SiteProNews Linda Bustos just wrote an article about the Top 10 Sins of Blog Usability. In the article she gives tips for improves and some do’s and don’ts for blogging. As I am always looking to improve my blogs I really appreciated this article and thought I would share it.
10. Sending Mixed Signals
The [...]

Jan 11 2007

Identity Theft

I think it is important for us all to be aware of identity theft. It is very hard to correct and restore your credit and identity if something happens to it. In this movie these criminals are very sly, and if we are aware of the possibilities, we are better off.

Dec 24 2006

Track Santa with NORAD

OK folks, it is the eve of Christmas Eve. My husband thinks that is a worthy enough reason to open a present, but that idea got shot down quick. I’ve never heard of this tracking Santa thing before but a lot of other people had. I was definitely excited to see this so I wanted [...]

Dec 16 2006

Making Money With Adsense

It seems everyone is talking about making money online with Google Adsense. Everyone is trying this. Everyone wants money. Now I know I’m over exaggerating, not everyone uses adsense, in fact some people hate it. And not everyone wants money, but more and more people are turning to the internet and google adsense to make [...]

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