Apr 6 2008


This article is written by Rhys Wynne – a six year blogger who also runs his own Webmaster Tips Newsletter at My Brand New Brand, Subscribe Today for free extras!
Three letters that everybody is going crazy over on the internet. Do this, don’t do this, and people will come streaming in from search engines willing [...]

Jan 5 2008

$70 Design Contest In Association With UK Webmaster World

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years.
I’ve been a bit busy over the festive period preparing to launch a new blog: Retro Garden, the only problem is I need a logo, so I launched a competition, in association with UK based Webmaster forum Webmaster World!
The prize is $70, with [...]

Jul 10 2007

Everything’s Under Construction

Admit it you have been making a website, got bored, thought “sod it, I’ll come back to it” and thrown an image like the one to the right. Why? Is it because that coding HTML is as backbreaking as manual labour, or you feel the need to throw something up before it was ready, and [...]

May 24 2007

A Week of Beer Money Posts and Spam

Hi everybody, hope you are all okay.
This week at The Gospel According To Rhys has been “Get Easy Beer Money Week” (I just made it up). Basically, a lot of bloggers talk about making huge money, but hardly none of them do. What this week’s posts were about was making a little bit of money [...]

May 18 2007

12 Hours Left In My Blog Competition

Hi, this is a last call for my Golden Goal Competition, which is due to end around 9am tomorrow morning (UK Time). The prize fund has increased with a little extra something which I’m keeping a surprise! To enter, please fill in this entry form, and good luck!

May 14 2007

Blogging Competition/Link Exchange – Golden Goal

Hi everybody, after the recent success of Problogger’s Group Writing Project, I have decided to try and run my own competition. The first attempt was a total failure, but I feel that now every blogger can enter, including you!
The basic premise is I am playing a charity football game for Colwyn Bay FC on Saturday, [...]

Mar 19 2007

What To Do With My Adsense Cheque?

On Saturday, I recieved my first ever google adsense cheque for the princely sum of £59.18 (curse the strong pound and the weak dollar!). I recently posted on my blog a very important question: what the bloody hell should I do with it? I feel I should do something something more constructive than spending it [...]

Feb 19 2007

Shame-less Self Promotion

We’ve all been there, your blog is languishing in the depths of Technorati Despair, and nobody is reading what you have written. You fancy encouraging a spike of activity around the blogosphere, so what you do is post a few comments on your favourite blogs.
Comments are the best form of getting comments, I mean, at [...]

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