Jul 25 2007

Web 2.0 – An Infinite Number of Monkeys?

The story goes that if you put an infinite number of monkeys in a room with a load of typewriters, they will eventually produce the entire works of Shakespeare. According to author Andrew Keen in his new book The Cult of the Amateur, this is exactly what’s happening with us bloggers. Web 2.0 has finally [...]

May 7 2007

World Oneness Day – Global Peace Meditation

There’s a major global event taking place on 20th May, when many thousands of people will gather at twelve locations around the globe to meditate and pray for global peace and harmony with nature. What makes this particularly exciting is that the results are to be measured by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, [...]

Apr 17 2007

Practical Philosophy

We tend to think of philosophy as something that belongs in a library, but it is possible to put philosophical ideas to work to enhance our everyday lives: to make us feel happy and fulfilled. This is what the course in Practical Philosophy for Everyday Living is all about. To find out more about it, [...]

Feb 5 2007


Every so often, you hear about something which could make a real difference to the way we live our lives. One such phenomenon is Deeksha, a transfer of energy which nurtures a feeling of “Oneness” in those who receive it. It dampens down the individual ego and encourages us to think of ourselves as part [...]

Jan 23 2007

Conversations With God

Imagine your life is falling apart and around you, so just to make yourself feel better, you sit down and write an angry letter to God, telling him exactly how you feel about how he has treated you. I think we can all imagine ourselves in that situation.
But what if, when the letter is finished, [...]

Jan 7 2007

Bestest Blog – Funniest Posts of 2006

Members of Bestest Blog have been invited to submit their funniest post of 2006 in the latest Bestest Blog Carnival. For an entertaining read, check it out here at the home of Dr Blogstein. My own contribution (which comes from my blog The Secret Of Life) is my post about Halloween.
If you blog yourself, [...]

Jan 4 2007

How To Deal With Difficult Emotions

Road rage, call center rage, supermarket trolley rage… All of us can get overtaken by anger and other unpleasant emotions from time to time, some of us on a daily basis! Sometimes the cause can seem to be trivial. At others, it can be a significant life event. Even when we don’t express these emotions, [...]

Dec 6 2006

The Secret Of Life

The lead article of the latest Time magazine is entitled God Vs. Science, reflecting the ongoing controversy about whether science can be used to either prove or disprove the existence of God. This follows the recent publication of The God Delusion, the latest attack on religion by the biologist and evangelical atheist Richard Dawkins. Meanwhile, [...]

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