Dec 29 2007

Punch Drunk Blog

We all should know what time of year it is by now. The final days of decorations and Christmas lights. The final days of unnecessary holiday cheer and courtesy and kindness towards family members that we can only tolerate for a limited time. Excuse me if I come across as a Grinch but, whatever.
I personally [...]

Dec 23 2007

Leaving the pack to follow the flock: A Browser Fairy Tale

Well, in case you didn’t notice the web is now almost an adult and as a functional adult you must learn proper communication. Now you can make phone calls, send emails, watch movies, buy groceries, look at porn (I don’t do that) all on the web. An entire world of adult activity to make adult life that much more simple. The web is now more social. There are blogs and things like Myspace, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, etc, all these ways of doing one simple thing, communicate.

Dec 11 2007

Jimdo : Pages to the people

Do you remember the first web site or blog you ever created? Do you remember how proud you were of your solid colored background, your tacky centered text and your awkwardly aligned images? Do you remember how many hours it took you to get it all together? When was the last time you went back [...]

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