Jan 10 2007

Reviews by Soapbox Jury

Apologies for the delay, but a very happy new year to all Blog About Your Blog readers. I hope 2007 is happy, healthy and prosperous for you all.As some of you may already know Soapbox Jury provides independent reviews of websites, blogs, products and ideas. Unlike some other review sites, we are well known for [...]

Dec 28 2006

YouTube Karaoke

YouTube Karaoke is a collection of YouTube music videos and lyrics. Quite simply, the idea is that you press play, scroll to the lyrics, sing and be merry. Alcohol and audience are optional! Come visit us, see what we’ve got already and make your own suggestions. Here’s an example to get you in the mood:
Scroll [...]

Dec 8 2006

Soapbox Jury

Soapbox Jury, as the name implies, is a brand new site for voicing opinions and passing judgement. The exact purpose of Soapbox Jury is to critique websites (mainly), products, services and ideas. We will try and give a balanced, fair and honest review of any item we include. Whatever the content of a Soapbox Jury [...]

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