Jan 15 2007


Please note that I am an affiliate of KeyComplete and this is a sales pitch.
What Keywords are my Competitors Using?
KeyCompete is the answer to this question. KeyCompete is an online keyword research tool that identifies the keywords your competitors are using in their pay-per-click campaigns. KeyCompete also identifies the competition that is bidding on your [...]

Jan 8 2007

Internet Money Makers Carnival 5th Edition

The 5th edition of the Internet Money Makers Carnival has now been posted at My quest to make money on the internet, this week there are even more fantastic articles than ever before, click here to read.
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Dec 20 2006

Jumping on the MyLot Bandwagon

It seems lately that every money making blog I read has a post about how they’ve joined MyLot, I resisted joining myself for awhile as the returns didn’t seem very high. I eventually succumbed and signed up, just to see what all the fuss was about.
What is MyLot?
MyLot is similar to a forum, you start [...]

Dec 7 2006

Blogitive – Get Paid to Post

A couple of weeks ago I was recommended Blogitive by Tom and Rob as being a good way of making extra cash, so as usual I signed up to see what they had to offer. Read More
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Nov 27 2006

My quest to make money on the internet

This is just a quick introduction to my blog about how I’ve been going about trying to make money on the internet. My blog has been running for a little over 2 months now and I have over 70 posts. I do a weekly report of my visitor stats to the blog and how much [...]

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