Jul 23 2008

Affiliate Network Review: Logical Media

It’s always a good thing to explore other affiliate networks, even if you are happy with several you’ve already joined. This will only open up different possible revenue streams to you. That’s what I just did with Logical Media. I had really never heard of it before, I just saw another website using them (copied [...]

Jul 10 2008

Market Leverage Is Buying the Blogosphere

Some affiliate networks have come in strong with blogger referrals or excellent programs. Market Leverage has almost bought their way into bloggers hearts with so many great contests and buying sponsorships on blogs. As you can see Market Leverage is a new BAYB sponsor and we are happy to have them.Market Leverage Contests
We missed the [...]

Jul 1 2008

Pepperjam Pays Back the Blogosphere

When I first announced and promoted Pepperjam, Pepperjam already went viral. They almost instantly became most popular with bloggers throughout the internet. It’s only appropriate to pay back the loyal bloggers.
Commission Increase
For the month of July, Pepperjam is increasing their referral program commission. Instead of $5 it is up to $7, which is a 40% [...]

Jun 5 2008

Hydra Affiliate Network Reviewed

Since I posted about Pepperjam and eBay yesterday, I figured  would do a few more posts about different affiliate networks that I use. Today I will be letting you know a little about the Hydra Network.
Hydra Network
Hydra is a great affiliate network with lots of different types of offers. Looking at today, they already have 5 brand [...]

Jun 4 2008

Pepperjam Makes eBay New Affiliate Partner

I have mentioned the Pepperjam affiliate network several times as being one of my favorites to earn money with. They have good affiliates, feature pepperjam ads, and now, have a new partner, eBay.
Make Money with eBay
I have never been an eBay affiliate before, so I am excited to start. Pepperjam announced on it’s blog that [...]

May 26 2008

NeverBlueAds Pays Up And Then Some

NeverBlueAds was one of the first affiliate networks that I joined and actually used. Their freebie offers are perfect for some of my blogs. It took some time but I’ve reached over $100+ in earnings (almost$200), with the number being steady each month.
However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, for a while I was no [...]

Mar 26 2008

Linkshare Affiliate Network

LinkShare is another good affiliate network that I frequently use. Linkshare reminds me of Commission Junction, they have similar affiliates to promote. It’s surprising that I haven’t seen many bloggers use and promote Linkshare.
Using Linkshare
LinkShare is a pretty basic affiliate network with tons of different affiliates to promote. The reason I joined was that there [...]

Mar 17 2008

No Longer Promoting NeverBlueAds

Since this post I have been compensated by Neverblue and have continued using them. You can view my follow-up post. Overall earnings for me in their network is now close to $1,000!
If you are not a Neverblue affiliate yet, make sure to join now.
I have been a NeverBlueAds affiliate for a few months now. I [...]

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