Feb 14 2008

Top 20 Contest Blogs Update

I first posted the Top 20 Contest Blogs list on November 19th. I felt that the contest blog niche was up and coming and very deserving of a list like this.
Since I published the list I have reformatted the formula of which I previously used. I noticed about 5 blogs on the list no longer [...]

Feb 3 2008

January 2008 Stats and Earnings

I skipped last month’s report due to some time issues. Here’s checking back in to how BAYB is doing.
According to statcounter, our traffic was 11,887 unique visitors. Stumbleupon and social media, along with google has help us pick up our monthly visitor total.
RSS Feed
Our Rss Feed count has been pretty much the same. Our high [...]

Jan 15 2008

What I Learned From My Sponsored Contests

Blog about your Blog has gotten quite a few great sponsors for contests. Bidvertiser gave us 300$ in cash to give away. NeverblueAds also gave us 300$ for a contest. The difference? I received the Bidvertiser cash up front.
Why It Matters
Bidvertiser sent me the money when we agreed on the contest terms. I had to [...]

Jan 9 2008

Blog about your Blog Sonnet

With the opening of the entrecard shop many interesting and unique items are for sale. Most are overpriced, but I did find one cheap gem among the items.
I purchased the item which a sonnet written about your blog and published at Q for Quack.
It’s posted as an image and I thought it was pretty creative.

It’s [...]

Jan 6 2008

BAYB Goes Direct with Advertising

Update: I had written this post, then gave members of our email network first shot at advertising. At first I intended for 4 advertisers, through the network I ended up getting responses from 5 people. The first banner is already being displayed by Andrew. Our advertising is already full and sold out. If you’d like [...]

Dec 30 2007

Best of 2007 on Blog about your Blog

It’s been a long and productive year for us. We have grown up into a great popular blog, as well as gotten some great writers and regular readers along the way. Pulling in about 10,000 unique visitors a month and 500+ RSS readers is nothing to sneeze at.
Daily Blog Tips listed their top posts of [...]

Dec 26 2007

Christmas Gift

We didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, with it being Christmas and all.
The morning started with opening tons of presents for my son. After that, of course we had to play with them all! Christmas breakfast then on the road to visit family. The best part about that was, I found my calling.
Yes that’s [...]

Dec 20 2007

Christmas Contest Winners Chosen

I’ve been working on getting the winners picked, to make sure we can get them their money before before Christmas. I want to thank NeverblueAds for being so generous and sponsoring this contest for us and our readers. It’s not too late to Join NeverblueAds and start your affiliate account. There are tons of offers [...]

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