Oct 22 2008

A List of Blog Directories

Directories arn’t guaranteed to bring you swarms of traffic, but they are a handy resource when it comes to SEO and delivering the odd visitor here and there.  Besides, what do you have to lose by submitting your blog?
So here is a short (but worth it) list of directories for blogs:
Blog Catalog
Globe of Blogs
Blog [...]

Aug 27 2008

MomDot – It’s Where The Moms Go

I’ve always been partial to mommy bloggers. I can’t honestly say that I read too many of them, but I love networking and participating with the mommy’s in the blogosphere. I was pretty active in the PayPerPost forum, many of the bloggers there were mommys or women. Whether you need a vote, a link, or [...]

Aug 12 2008

Vote For Me $25 eBay Gift Card

Vote For Me $25 Gift Card
Affiliate Obsession just finished up their contest where someone can win a $25 eBay gift card. Now it’s up to votes to determine the winner.
Head on over to the contest page and vote for ff_n_stuff so I can win the gift card.
Affiliate Obsession
This blog is run by a great online [...]

Jul 26 2008

Why Newsletters Are The Next Big Thing

ok, ok.  So online newsletters have been around for a long time – in fact every decent internet marketer has been using newsletters for years.  But i’m seeing a growing trend in the number of bloggers integrating newsletters into their blogs.
So why are newsletters going to be the next big thing?  Well they are already [...]

Jul 5 2008

Unleash the Fatman in You

Israel over at Fat Man Unleashed sent us this great t-shirt. He’s on a quest to spread the word about health, weight loss and working out. He’s already lost over 44 pounds! I’ve been following his blog for a while now, seeing recent pics of him you can definitely see the weightloss!
Israel is also in [...]

May 24 2008

Garry Conn is the New Cow, Isn’t It Obvious?

John Cow became a funny parody of John Chow. Several had the idea, but only one has been able to successfully run with the idea. Bob Jones, formerly of BobMeetsWorld.com, found a way to successful brand John Cow into a real money maker and authority in the blogging niche.
By doing that he has been able [...]

May 7 2008

So You’re Looking to Advertise…..

Ok, so your blog is coming along nicely. You have some good quality content, a fairly steady stream of visitors and you are even making a little dosh here and there. And now you’re looking to reach out to new readers and grow your audience. So you decide to purchase some advertising.
Trying [...]

May 5 2008

Free Goodies At FeedaPalooza

Written by Mark of MeAndMyDrum | Fave MAMD | Subscribe to MAMD
Last week there was a day in the spotlight that you may not have known about. It was RSS Appreciation Day (May 1), a day to promote the wonder that is RSS and how it has brought so much to enrich our lives by [...]

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