May 5 2008

Free Goodies At FeedaPalooza

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Last week there was a day in the spotlight that you may not have known about. It was RSS Appreciation Day (May 1), a day to promote the wonder that is RSS and how it has brought so much to enrich our lives by [...]

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Apr 28 2008

Do You Remember the Mylot Fad?

Mylot was a huge blogging fad, it seemed everyone joined and promoted it. It was a great thing for bloggers, because commission was easy. I made about $30 with little effort before my earnings fell off. I still have 30 cents pending.
Mylot was a huge blogging topic about a year ago. Every make money blogger [...]

Mar 16 2008

The Amatureist Financial Journey – Jason Crews

I first found Jason Crew’s blog from the contest he had in February. Sadly we didn’t win, but that’s okay. There is always this month!
March Contests and Promotions
I’m always for helping out a good cause. At Jason’s Blog he is dedicating March to give back. All the advertising from his ad space is going to [...]

Feb 24 2008

BAYB Quick Links

I haven’t done many of these posts, but there are a few things around the blogosphere I wanted to mention.
I’m a T-Shirt Winner!
I won a t-shirt from Derek Semmler. He must like me, because this is the second t-shirt I’ve won on his blog. The contest was easy, I just had to comment. His [...]

Jan 10 2008

Weightloss Ebook for Bloggers

I have mentioned before my efforts to lose weight. Being a blogger isn’t the best job to have when you are bigger or getting big. There isn’t much physical activity involved. One week of working a “real” job that I was on my feet 9 hours a day, I lost weight easily.
I’ve mentioned trying the [...]

Dec 17 2007

More Entrecard Points to Giveaway

Blogsweluv has picked up on the entrecard craze and are giving 100 credits for a contest. We thought that wasn’t enough so Blog about your Blog has added another 100 credits to their giveaway.
To entry you can subscribe to Blogsweluv RSS feed, submit a 10 questions survey, or subscribe to Blog about your Blog. There [...]

Nov 30 2007

Make Money With Scratchback

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ScratchBack is a method of purchasing links on another person’s blog and do so without being penalized as these links are nofollow.
Specifically, Scratchback is a widget you place in your sidebar that serves as a type of ad placement/blogroll. People who want their link [...]

Nov 23 2007

Use rssHugger To Promote Your Blog

Written by Mark of MeAndMyDrum | Fave MAMD | Subscribe to MAMD

rssHugger is the latest way for bloggers to promote their blogs. It gives bloggers the exposure they’re looking for while offering readers a way to find new blogs to read. The intent, of course, is that bloggers will see an increase in their RSS [...]

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