Oct 9 2009

Web Hosting Geeks – Find Top Web Hosting

The end of this week has been focusing on web hosting. Mine just expired and I renewed again with Hostmonster, mainly because I don’t have the time to switch everything over to another host.
However some of the forums I participate on, the constant topic is web hosting and the different options available.
Using a web hosting [...]

Oct 6 2009

Web Hosting Rating

This week along with exploring social media I wanted to touch on web hosting. One of the biggest concerns for new bloggers, or bloggers looking to move to Wordpress is hosting.
Should you go cheap? Should you go with support? Should you host on your friends account? Essentially which hosting is right for you.
Well websites like [...]

Apr 30 2009

Website Magazine: Top 50 Affiliate Networks

Website Magazine is “the magazine for website success”. In the May 2009 issue they have articles like “Traffic without Digg or Stumbleupon” and article marketing. However, the most eye catching for me was Top 50 Affiliate Networks ranking.
So Who’s Number 1?
In the rankings they didn’t rank Google’s Affiliate Network or Amazon, which seems fair enough. [...]

Dec 10 2008

Competing With Other Blogs

I find myself trying to bring this blog back to life. While doing so it seems like there is even more competition. So how do you compete with other blogs, other bloggers, and the internet in general?
Set Yourself Apart
That is always the key with any blog new or old. Answer the question, why should I [...]

Nov 16 2008

I’m That Guy Who Blogs

Pearls Before Swine has quickly become my favorite comic strip and they’ve been doing a bit about blogging.
Blogging has caught fire lately references to it in commercials, radio, movies, tv shows, and comic strips. Not only that it has evolved into an entire thing of its own. Wordpress isn’t just for blogging anymore, you can [...]

Nov 6 2008

Do You Own A BlogSpot Blog?

I like doing polls for two reasons. One I get to see what people think and the other is just to simply ask questions. I’m always curious in the minds of bloggers.

Lots Of People on Blogger
My most recent poll was, “Do You Own a Blogspot Blog?”. You may not know but some great blogs started [...]

Oct 1 2008

Sell Your OIOPublisher Ad Space For Entrecard Credits

As Entrecard is trying to move forward with their rule change, that I call a step backwards, they’ve got a new plan in the works. Entrecard has partnered with OIOPublisher and not you can sell your adspace for entrecard credits as well as cash.
OIOPublisher with Entrecard
When you install the new OIOPublisher you can select the [...]

Sep 29 2008

Entrecard Taking A Step Backwards?

Lately Entrecard has been buzzing. Graham Langdon put EC up for sale, then within 24 hours took it off sale. It turned into more of an ego and website boost as many other entrepreneurs contacted Graham for support. Now he’s decided in a huge overhaul, that effects all members. In my opinion, not in a [...]

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