Jul 29 2008

How To Sell Your Blog Interview

I like to follow the sales of blogs, I find it interesting. We blogged about Blogging Fingers getting sold a while back. The blog on the block this time was Bloggin-Ads. Mike has become a friend and contact over instant messaging since his blog has emerged. Lately he has fallen on some hard times.
I hate [...]

Jul 9 2008

Should I Move Off Of Blogspot? YES!

A very common question I see bloggers ask is should they move off of blogspot. The simple answer is YES! If you really want to brand your blog and make money with it, you need to get off Blogspot. With that being said, I myself have several blogspot blogs. However, any blog I want to [...]

Jul 3 2008

What Now? They Keep Unsubscribing

The problem with having a RSS base from contests and other promotions is that they might have only subscribed for the prizes. It’s your job, as a blogger, to make them stay long term. The last successful big contest we did was actually our Christmas Contest.
As we’d of course like to launch another huge successful [...]

May 21 2008

Network Bloggers with Instant Messaging

Any successful blogger will tell you that it’s very important to network with other bloggers. Blogging is very social, networking can take you to the next step. Getting another blogger in your network is basically giving you another resource whether you need a link, post, or vote that is potentially one quick message away.
Instant Messaging
Contacting [...]

May 12 2008

Why Your Contest Didn’t Work

I was very excited about my week of contests. I had originally planned for doing 7 separate days of contests. However, only the first day got enough entries to be worthwhile (22). The other two days ended with 0 and 2.

Why My Contests Didn’t Work
Well it was obvious that this format didn’t work. Doing 7 [...]

May 6 2008

Go Clutter Free!

One thing I hate on blogs is clutter. And yes i’m talking about those super long sidebars, flashing widgets and popup ads. And this clutter could be killing your blog with, longer page loads and the ability to distract your readers away from the content.
So here are my quick tips on how to [...]

Apr 23 2008

Getting More Subscribers with Free Promotions

Contests have become a bigger tool for getting more subscribers than I had imagined. Now everyone is throwing huge contests. Giving away $10,000 in prizes is definitely hard to match. I haven’t even tried.
We hosted our first contest nearly a year ago. Yet our last contest was more than 4 months ago. I’d really like [...]

Apr 16 2008

5 Indepth Blogging Tips

When I put together 23 Things I’ve Learned Blogging (with Carl’s help) I received a lot of great comments. One of the comments was by George Manty of Can I Make Big Money Online. He stated that there were 5 of those blogging lessons that are most important.
1. What’s In It For Me?
For a blogger [...]

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