Oct 23 2009

Free Web Hosting With LimeDomains

Last week I wrote about how to find the different web hosting for your needs. From reviews to simple recommendations, agonizing over which web hosting company to go with can be stressful. What if you are just looking for something cheap or new?
One of our readers mentioned looking for a second host, to build links [...]

Jan 19 2009

Submit Your BlogPosts at BloggersBase

A lot of successful blogs have more than one author. Most of the ‘famous’ bloggers I doubt rarely even blog themselves anymore and often open up to guest posters. Just like here at Blog About Your Blog, we’ve never had just one author. BloggersBase has taken that idea and ran with it.
BloggersBase Review
“BloggersBase is a [...]

Sep 18 2008

What Stat Counter Do You Use For Your blog?

A new feature I am introducing is a poll on the sidebar. This is just to gauge the BAYB readers to see what they think about whatever question I post.
I suggested which stat tracker to use. Our pick is Statcounter, I have it on all of my blogs. What was most popular on the poll?
Poll [...]

Sep 1 2008

Squidoo Is Perfect For Bloggers

Ok, I know I am a little late on this one. I’ve found quite a few people making a Squidoo Lens everyday so I figured I would find out what all the fuss was about. Overall I am pretty impressed and think that it’s perfect for any blogger to use. Yesterday I created my first [...]

Aug 28 2008

Which Stat Tracker To Use

I’ve seen the question asked many times as to which stat/traffic counter is best for a blog. In my opinion counters are a pretty important blog tool to have installed. There are many different services to use. I would definitely recommend a free one. Unless you are doing some serious stuff, paying for a stat [...]

Aug 7 2008

The Release of the Entrecard Toolbar: Entrebar

Entrecard is moving forward with bloggers. A huge percentage of bloggers are utilizing Entrecard as a traffic source, as well as a way to network. Entrecard is making new tools for bloggers to do that. They have just hit a homerun with their latest release, the entrecard toolbar, the Entrebar.
Entrecard Toolbar / Entrebar
The Entrebar has [...]

Aug 6 2008

WP Affiliate Elite Wordpress Plugin

I’ve noticed more and more bloggers are turning to affiliate marketing to make money online. Of course, a popular way to promote the affiliates is through blogging. Why not make that process easier?
Turn Keywords Into Affiliate Links
With WP Affiliate Elite you can simply choose a keyword that you’ve used on your blog and make it [...]

Jul 15 2008

5 Wordpress Plugins To Make Your Blogging Easier

Lately I have been installing Wordpress Plugins like crazy. Probably about 10 in the last few days. I wanted to share a few ‘new’ ones that I have found from other bloggers. After reading the 15 Most Under-Utilized Plugins for SEO I installed many of them.
This is the #1 Wordpress Plugin to make life easier [...]

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