Jun 24 2008

Find the Best Web Hosting

With our recent web hosting troubles, I figure why not revisit Web Hosting Geeks. At WebHostingGeeks.com you can find the best web hosting for your needs. The website hasn’t changed as much since the last time we reviewed Web Hosting Geeks, however it is different.
Top 10 Best Web Hosts
One thing that is different is the [...]

Apr 8 2008

Project Wonderful Not So Wonderful for Bloggers

After entrecard adopted project wonderful many bloggers seemed to adopt the same system. We gave it a try and wrote a Project Wonderful review.

Project Wonderful in Re Review
I gave project wonderful a pretty positive review, stating that it was a great resource to use for monetizing your blog. However, don’t expect much money from it. [...]

Mar 25 2008

3 Social Media Websites Good for Bloggers

Some social media websites, like Digg, are becoming increasingly difficult for bloggers to have their articles go popular. I have been using alternatives which have worked fine for us. Now that you know the basic rules for social media sites you can be successful on any social media website. Here are three that you [...]

Mar 23 2008

Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

One thing you cannot ignore about your blog is backing up the data. You don’t want to wake up to find your hosting mess up the backups and you have lost all your data.
Relax. I know just the thought of that would make a hard working blogger like you shudder.
I had written a detailed post [...]

Mar 10 2008

Monetize Your Blog With OIOPublisher

Are you looking to monetize your website like the pros? Get the great looking 125×125 and 468×60 banners, text link ads and sponsored postings delivered, paid and rotated automatically with the brand new OIOpublisher WordPress plugin.
To all of you Blog About Your Blog readers, this is Jim, author of TheNetFool.com (feed), a business blog focused [...]

Feb 25 2008

Earning Update with Scratchback

Ever since I started using scratchback I have liked the results. It’s a simple widget that is a great idea. Sell no-follow links!
On January 15th, I received a payment of $35.62 and wrote a short post about Getting Tipped by Scratchback. A lot of people were interested in how scratchback was performing and continued to [...]

Feb 24 2008

BAYB Quick Links

I haven’t done many of these posts, but there are a few things around the blogosphere I wanted to mention.
I’m a T-Shirt Winner!
I won a SilentPillow.com t-shirt from Derek Semmler. He must like me, because this is the second t-shirt I’ve won on his blog. The contest was easy, I just had to comment. His [...]

Feb 14 2008

Top 20 Contest Blogs Update

I first posted the Top 20 Contest Blogs list on November 19th. I felt that the contest blog niche was up and coming and very deserving of a list like this.
Since I published the list I have reformatted the formula of which I previously used. I noticed about 5 blogs on the list no longer [...]

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