Dec 8 2008

Nominate Your Fav App!

The 2008 iDezy Web Worker Award recognises the number web app or tool you can’t live without!
Now’s the time to head on over to the awards page and nominate your favourite tool or app so it can be judged by the panel of experts.  Judging this year is Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, Veronica Belmont from [...]

Dec 2 2008

Who Still Uses MyBlogLog

I’m interested to know who still uses MyBlogLog – the once popular tool which allowed you to create a community around your blog and showed you who had recently visited your blog.
It seems as thouh it has almost completely died as im not seeing it on many blogs.  So heres the poll, are you still [...]

Nov 9 2008

How Not to Interact Online

The web we use these days is all about being social and interacting with others.  Whether its posting a comment on a blog or Tweeting on your Twitter account, every action you make has an impact on your personal brand.  And seeing as your brand is your most valuable marketing tool, its in your best [...]

Sep 19 2008

Join SurveySpot To Make Some Extra Money

We’ve been with SurveySpot for over a year now since joining Surveyspot. Our first check was received March 15th, 2007 for $28. Since then I’ve been able to earn a pretty steady extra few bucks for just a few minutes of time. Not to mention free samples and got paid to try a few products.
Take [...]

Sep 17 2008

OIOPublisher Goes Down, So Does My Blog

After installing a clean version of OIOPublisher all is back to normal!
You may notice that our ads are gone due to OIOPublisher causing problems. I first noticed a problem when I was trying to log into Free Sample Deals. There was an error from OIOPublisher.
Then going to BAYB I noticed all of our [...]

Aug 26 2008

Perfect Business Update

I just wrote about the Perfect Business Competition. I am working on winning, the prize is $1,000.
Perfect Business Update
Well good news, the girl who went from 3-4th to 2,000+ votes has been disqualified. This means that now I’m only about 80 votes from first place.
This seems pretty attainable, at least to catch the women in [...]

Aug 25 2008

Jamie Kennedy Contest Winners

Our Jamie Kennedy Contest went well, but it could of done better. On August 1st we launched our contest giving away Jamie Kennedy autographed items. It got around on a lot of the contest blogs, but many of them didn’t follow the “rules” to enter. Therefore we got the word out and a lot of [...]

Apr 1 2008

April Fool’s Spotlight

Written by Mark of MeAndMyDrum | Subscribe to MAMD
It has been WAY too long since I’ve posted here. So I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by posting a collection of April Fool’s jokes that have made their way to the Web today.
I must admit that ever since I saw last year’s [...]

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