Aug 29 2007

Germ of an idea for a How To… blog

A while ago, Matt gave me an idea to broaden my blogging horizons – he suggested I start another blog! I set to thinking about a topic I would enjoy writing about day in, day out, in a niche that I know well to the point of being an authority. After dismissing the idea of [...]

Jul 10 2007

Everything’s Under Construction

Admit it you have been making a website, got bored, thought “sod it, I’ll come back to it” and thrown an image like the one to the right. Why? Is it because that coding HTML is as backbreaking as manual labour, or you feel the need to throw something up before it was ready, and [...]

Jun 2 2007

All We Have Is Now

A few rambling thoughts on life …
All we have is now. The measure of our peace of mind, and the measure of our personal effectiveness, are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment. Regardless of what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow now is where we are. [...]

May 21 2007

FWW Spotlight #1

Today begins a new series for Family WebWatch Blog: The FWW Spotlight. I’ll be highlighting online services, products and sites that are geared toward online protection, increased productivity, and family entertainment. If I find it useful for families, then I’ll pass it along.
Kephyr: Among the variety of offerings this site has, the one that I’ll [...]

May 17 2007

Coder? Blogger? Then You Need Firebug

Advanced programmers and casual bloggers alike can benefit from Firebug. An extension for Firefox, Firebug enables you to tweak code without actually committing the changes until you’re happy with it. You can even use it on other web sites.
While you’re viewing any web page you can activate Firebug to display its screen. On this screen [...]

May 7 2007

Photo Blog Project: Submit Your Sites

Brian Auer over at Epic Edits Weblog has come up with a neat little project for us photo-bloggers to get the word out about our sites…
“I propose we do a little blog project that will allow everyone to share their sites with the other readers. Nothing major “ I just want to get a [...]

Apr 17 2007

Practical Philosophy

We tend to think of philosophy as something that belongs in a library, but it is possible to put philosophical ideas to work to enhance our everyday lives: to make us feel happy and fulfilled. This is what the course in Practical Philosophy for Everyday Living is all about. To find out more about it, [...]

Apr 17 2007

Thanks Ebay for Helping in my Quest

I just recently started a new blog titled “My Quest to Make a Living as an Artist“. This will chronicle efforts to make a living as an artist using my two stlyes of art, surrealism and comic book superhero painting. This week a commission auction I had up on Ebay for a superhero painting [...]

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