Sep 22 2010

Grow Your Blog by Working With PR

Contests really took over the blogosphere when I was getting started. By being able to offer different items for free, it made the appeal of your site that much better. It also really gave visitors to COME BACK and a way to grow your numbers daily.
Just by hosting contests on your website you could require [...]

Apr 10 2010

Free $75 Google Adwords Credit

This offer has ended.

I’ve never really been able to master the art of Google Adwords. There are certain ways that you should use Adwords, but I’ve never been able to really get into it. However like most things, it takes practice.
What better to practice with that FREE money? I have a great offer where you [...]

Oct 5 2009

Increase Website Traffic with Facebook

Maybe it was rust, or just getting excited about updating this blog again I made a mistake with my last Facebook Fan Pages article. I completely forgot to really sell you on the importance of it. By that I mean giving you some proof! Where’s the traffic? Well let me show you some stats of [...]

Sep 30 2009

Importance of Facebook Fan Pages

Myspace reminds me of high school drama and spam, it’s just what I associate it with. When I was told about Facebook I thought it was just another network, and I passed on it. Wasn’t it just for college students anyways? Well at first it was (right?), but it has emerged into a dominant social [...]

Jul 17 2008

Using Yahoo Answers for More Website Traffic

An important thing in blogging successfully is being an authority in your niche. What better of a way to show that you are by answering questions in that niche? Yahoo answers is perfect for that.
Yahoo Answers for Traffic
Yahoo Answers has a great search ability where you can enter keywords to find questions to answer. You [...]

Jul 14 2008

Free $250 FaceBook Ads Credit

I’m not much of a Facebook user. I am rarely even on Myspace. But I am aware that they all have advertising space, whether it is hosted by themselves, or by Google Adsense (myspace uses adsense).
However, when I saw this awesome offer, I decided to get a little acquainted with Facebook.
Free $250 in Advertising
You can [...]

Jul 7 2008

Where Does Your Traffic Come From? First Half Roundup

I thought it would be a fun to reflect on the first half of 2008. We are still pretty far off our Blogging Goals for 2008, but we still have time.
I put together a few lists of our top traffic sources.

Top 10 Referring Sites

Digital Point
Daily Blog Tips
Total Web Review
Resource for Bloggers
Pay Per Post
About Blog Contests

Top [...]

May 15 2008

SiteHoppin Hot on Entrecard’s Trail

What is the latest trend of online business? Online business try to earn money by offering web traffic which equals potential money and charging money in return for services or virtual credits which are usually worthless.
In the blogosphere itself, we have witnessed the success of Entrecard, the ineffective challenge from Spott to dislodge the king [...]

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