Apr 28 2008

Do You Remember the Mylot Fad?

Mylot was a huge blogging fad, it seemed everyone joined and promoted it. It was a great thing for bloggers, because commission was easy. I made about $30 with little effort before my earnings fell off. I still have 30 cents pending.
Mylot was a huge blogging topic about a year ago. Every make money blogger [...]

Apr 1 2008

Bloggers Guide to SEO

First I have to say that I am by no means a SEO expert, but I do know blogging. Improving your blog for search engines has never been easier for bloggers. It just takes a little bit of work. In the last month we’ve received 1,400 visitors from Google alone.

What Exactly is SEO?
When I first [...]

Mar 31 2008

Spending Money in the Blogosphere: Articles or Advertising?

My marketing budget generally isn’t that big, yet. The money I make goes into living, bills, etc. However I have purchased reviews, banners and links in the past.
Where Should You Invest Your Money?
This is a classic chicken and the egg theory that many bloggers have debated about. Some argue that with the right content, readers [...]

Mar 19 2008

6 Reasons Why Your Linkbait Failed

Linkbait has become a popular way for bloggers to increase their readers and traffic.
What is Linkbait?
Linkbait is basically a piece of content placed on a web page that is designed for the specific intention of gathering links from as many different sources as possible. Many linkbaits are also designed to go viral or go be [...]

Mar 11 2008

Send Stumble Requests to Your Stumbleupon Friends

After a few quick emails with Kelly Curtis from Pass the Torch we began discussing Stumbleupon. I mentioned the Send To feature, but she had never used it before. Getting your stumble friends to stumble your posts is another way to utilize stumbleupon for more stumbles and more traffic.
How to Use the Send to Feature

On [...]

Feb 18 2008

Why Widgets Scare Me

I recently turned down an opportunity to publicize and receive reviews from Bloggers Showroom, because they require putting a widget on your blog. They require putting a widget on your blog. I respectfully declined, widgets just aren’t for me. Too many widgets scare me, I don’t even use the MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget anymore.
Too Many [...]

Jan 29 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New Blogging Forums

Promotion and discussion on forums can definitely help your traffic as well as web presence. I’ve even tried to run my own forum however it proved to be too time consuming and difficult to fight the spam bots. The benefits of forums are great and I really wanted to tap into that area.
Instead I’ve tried [...]

Jan 24 2008

Search Engine Traffic Is Easy With Tech Support Posts

Traffic from search engines is the blogging gift that keeps on giving. You can find yourself receiving a steady flow of new visitors to your blog each day once you have a post ranking high in search engine results. Of course, it’s not easy to get on the first page of Google for a search [...]

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