Aug 13 2008

Blogging for Blood Cancer

I was notified about this great opportunity about blogging for cancer. Bloggers are more powerful than they realize, I always like putting blogging to good use.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Recently several people that [...]

May 7 2008

The Bloggers Guide to Freelance

Hi, my name is BobbyT. I will be sharing with you on how to earn money freelance writing.
I started blogging this year on February 2008 on the Blogger free blogging service. Yes, you can definitely start blogging without investing any money at all. However, money can be handy if you intend to improve the look [...]

Jan 25 2008

Forget Page Rank

The following article was written by Ryan from Blogging4Everyone dot Com.
Page Rank should be made a thing of the past. I am a blogger, who blogs for the pure fact that my blogs are fun for me to maintain. I NEVER feel obligated to blog on a day where I am sick, too [...]

Dec 29 2007

Blogging is Domainers New Pastime

Thats right Blogging is one of the new favorite tools of many of the top domainers!
I decided to take Matthews previous post on Domaining being the new pastime for blogging by completely throwing things into reverse!
I started out in online business buying and selling domains, which I guess would make me a “domainer”. Luckily [...]

Dec 29 2007

Punch Drunk Blog

We all should know what time of year it is by now. The final days of decorations and Christmas lights. The final days of unnecessary holiday cheer and courtesy and kindness towards family members that we can only tolerate for a limited time. Excuse me if I come across as a Grinch but, whatever.
I personally [...]

Jun 30 2007

Thoughts on Civility

Not too long ago, I started a series called “Thoughts on Civility” that has presented many scenarios and thoughts about life, society and spirit. Today, I was compelled to draft the seventh entry in the series after reading a devotion and reflection on some current events in entertainment and technology.
Before I knew it, it [...]

May 24 2007

4 Steps To Becoming A Bad Web Parent

For parents who are worried their hands-off approach to supervising their child’s online activities lacks the energy they once had, I thought offering this 4-step plan would be just the jumpstart they’d need. So let’s get right to it!
Step 1 – Give your child free reign on the Internet
Yep, the sky’s the limit! There are [...]

May 7 2007

World Oneness Day – Global Peace Meditation

There’s a major global event taking place on 20th May, when many thousands of people will gather at twelve locations around the globe to meditate and pray for global peace and harmony with nature. What makes this particularly exciting is that the results are to be measured by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, [...]

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