Jul 19 2008

Free BlockBuster Incentive with Entrecard Credits

I hate writing great posts on the weekend since they seem to get less views etc. So what I did last weekend was offer a little promotion with our $5 link sale. It’s still on by the way, you can get more information on our $5 Links Post.
This weekend I wanted to try something a [...]

Jun 24 2008

Find the Best Web Hosting

With our recent web hosting troubles, I figure why not revisit Web Hosting Geeks. At WebHostingGeeks.com you can find the best web hosting for your needs. The website hasn’t changed as much since the last time we reviewed Web Hosting Geeks, however it is different.
Top 10 Best Web Hosts
One thing that is different is the [...]

Jun 19 2008

Be Careful With Adult Images

When dealing with the hosting of your website, make sure you know the rules. Many webhosts don’t allow adult images. My host, Hostmonster, has very particular rules. What you may think is okay, they may consider adult.
What is Adult?
Hostmonster has very strict rules when it comes to what is adult or not. There can be [...]

May 13 2008

6 Ways To Get A Refund Online

I’ve been successful in getting a few refunds online as of late. The more that you shop and use services online the more you need to watch that everything is what you expect. There are several ways on how to get a refund online.
Tell Them What You Want
Writing an angry email and simply stating you [...]

May 5 2008

5 Ways to Make “Enemies” Online

After writing Making Enemies on Social Media I knew it needed a follow-up. I’ve gotten caught up in “online drama” which has effected certain social media aspects. It’s unfortunate, but can be avoided.
Here are 5 ways to go about making enemies online.
Constantly Thumbs Down/Be Negative on Stumbleupon. Tons of bloggers use stumbleupon for their own [...]

May 4 2008

Using Twitter to Connect With Your Peeps!

Are you on Twitter?
Some people use Twitter to spam others, some use it simply as a marketing tool. Others, use it as a personal journal but, I like many other bloggers are using it to connect with their audience.
When I introduce Twitter to a newbie the very first time, they always seem to say [...]

May 1 2008

Is Vlogging The Best Way To Blog?

Video Blogging (Vlogging) could be the future of blogging, some have predicted so. People want their information fast, easy and a lot of it. Several bloggers that I follow have either turned strictly to vlogging or make sure to do one weekly or monthly (even more).
Benefits of Vlogging
Vlogging allows you to connect with your readers [...]

Apr 10 2008

Google Reinclusion: Get Your Pagerank Back

Lots of bloggers have suffered a loss in PR from selling links that pass PR (and some that weren’t). We’ve lost one point, then had a PR 0, now we are back to 3. I still wish it was higher.
How to Request Reinclusion
To do a Google reinclusion you need to register your blog for the [...]

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