Sep 22 2010

Grow Your Blog by Working With PR

Contests really took over the blogosphere when I was getting started. By being able to offer different items for free, it made the appeal of your site that much better. It also really gave visitors to COME BACK and a way to grow your numbers daily.
Just by hosting contests on your website you could require [...]

Apr 10 2010

Free $75 Google Adwords Credit

This offer has ended.

I’ve never really been able to master the art of Google Adwords. There are certain ways that you should use Adwords, but I’ve never been able to really get into it. However like most things, it takes practice.
What better to practice with that FREE money? I have a great offer where you [...]

Jan 30 2010

Why You Should Create an Info Product

There is no doubt that info products are hot right now.  All around the blogosphere, bloggers are using info products to expand their reach and build their brands.
Whats an Info Product
Common examples of info products include:

video series

They are distributed digitally (usually), which makes them cheap to produce.
It takes just one person to create [...]

Jan 2 2010

MySavings Media Affiliate Network Review

Regardless of the affiliate network, I like to be a member of as many as I can. This can be beneficial for finding new programs, as well as participating in the ones that are worth the most money.
For example, I joined Panthera Network to promote an exclusive Vista Print certain offer that only lasted so [...]

Dec 9 2009

Hydra Network Account Termination

I very rarely have any trouble with affiliate programs. Every month I make at least $100 on several different networks. It’s a great competition between the different programs, when you participate in multiple networks. I often ask if one network can match another networks commissions, which means more money for me.
Last month I was terminated [...]

Dec 4 2009

Double Commissions for New Kontera Publishers

We always try to keep up with what Kontera is doing, whether it’s a contest or promotion. They have a great company and have even added us to their blogroll on their blog!
If you don’t know what Kontera is, they offer in-text advertising from the top advertisers. It’s a great ad network to add to [...]

Nov 23 2009

Lime Exchange Helping Freelancers

With the recent economic downturn, more and more professionals are looking to do freelance Jobs to add to their current income.  Jobs are not stable in these times and you need to market yourself.  Using a site such as LimeExchange, can help you locate people and businesses looking to hire freelancers to complete freelance jobs [...]

Sep 10 2009

Finding Advertisers for Your Blog to Make Money Online

There are many ways on how to make money online. One way that almost all bloggers (regardless of their niche) use to make money is through advertisement i.e. they allow people to advertise on their blog. The advertisers can either be other bloggers or companies that want to market their products. They can advertise on [...]

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