Jan 26 2017

Remove Financial Hardship by Updating Your Payment Processes

It’s no secret that financial hardships can be downright disastrous to one’s life. Nevertheless, we all experience them at one point or another. Indeed, no matter how wealthy one may be, they are still not immune to enduring financial hardships. In fact, many experts assert that everyone suffers from a financial hardship at one point [...]

May 22 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 22nd birthday! I was just looking up last years birthday when I turned 21, it was great to see all those comments.
My birthday is a little different, last year it was spent at a funeral, so it’s all I can think about this year. So hopefully I can take my mind off [...]

Apr 22 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Growing up, Earth day was just another day. Teachers usually lectured not to waste water and recycle cans. It was never really stressed and seemed very, well, unimportant. This year it’s been huge. It’s been Earth day all month long!

On The Earth Day Bandwagon
It seems tons of big companies have jumped on the Earth day [...]

Apr 2 2008

Fight Back Against the CyberCreeps

Every now and then I get negative comments on this blog or the social media articles that were submitted. Some users go a little too far. That’s why I put together Dealing with Negative Criticism of Your Blog. Now there is another way to deal with the criticism, to add to the list.
Cyber Creeps
This is [...]

Mar 17 2008

No Longer Promoting NeverBlueAds

Since this post I have been compensated by Neverblue and have continued using them. You can view my follow-up post. Overall earnings for me in their network is now close to $1,000!
If you are not a Neverblue affiliate yet, make sure to join now.
I have been a NeverBlueAds affiliate for a few months now. I [...]

Feb 14 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.
I know I don’t post many pictures of myself, but this is my girlfriend and I. She’s yelling at me for posting the picture of her, but I think she looks great, doesn’t she?
Anyway, it’s going to be a pretty laid back Valentines Day for us. [...]

Jan 10 2008

Weightloss Ebook for Bloggers

I have mentioned before my efforts to lose weight. Being a blogger isn’t the best job to have when you are bigger or getting big. There isn’t much physical activity involved. One week of working a “real” job that I was on my feet 9 hours a day, I lost weight easily.
I’ve mentioned trying the [...]

Dec 29 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Sleep Through New Years Eve

I originally posted my list at YoPress, but I thought it was kind of funny so I decided to share it here. Hope you enjoy, let me know if I missed anything.
10. Won’t be difficult to wake up with the kids in the morning
9. No unfriendly hangover to wake up to
8. Do you technically get [...]

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