Dec 29 2007

Punch Drunk Blog

We all should know what time of year it is by now. The final days of decorations and Christmas lights. The final days of unnecessary holiday cheer and courtesy and kindness towards family members that we can only tolerate for a limited time. Excuse me if I come across as a Grinch but, whatever.
I personally [...]

Nov 21 2007

What’s New On BAYB?

Instead of trying to come up with a post, I’m going to take a personal approach today.
My computer has been terrible the past few weeks, so I took the plunge and wiped everything off of it. Of course, now, the internet won’t work. Wireless kicks my butt, I don’t know as much about it. I [...]

Oct 25 2007

San Diego Wildfires Update

After Blogging the San Diego fires the threat has subsided by us, but has gotten worse for others. I have since unpacked our bags.
For a while the fire was moving so fast, I was getting pretty worried. The most houses that were destroyed in San Diego county were in the 92127 zip code, we are [...]

Oct 22 2007

Blogging The San Diego Fires

It has been crazy here in San Diego, with 24 hour live coverage of the San Diego wild fires. There has already been 250,000 people evacuated from their homes. The fires have already been classified the worst ever in California, and it’s far from done.
People are being evacuated from communities like Romana, Scripps Ranch, Rancho [...]

Sep 21 2007

Blogger/Blogspot Next Blog Warning is a free blog hosting site that has many features, but there is one feature that needs work. There is an option on the top of blogger/blogspot blogs that allows you to view random blogs. This “Next Blog” feature can be a useful way to seek out new blogs, but beware of [...]

Sep 13 2007

Master Cleanse Diet

I rarely get personal on any blog, but I didn’t have much to write today besides reviews, so I thought I’d let everyone know what I’ve been doing.
On a new episode of LA Ink, they try this master cleanse diet, in which all you do is drink this lemonade mixture. The mixture is lime juice, [...]

Jul 25 2007

Plan B for bloggers

When it is going well, blogging is a joy, but when every component of the mix seems to fall apart at the same time, it can get tough. First it was a dead hard drive, and then a weird glitch that wouldn’t let me use my back-up either. And then, writer’s block.
No hardware
Sat staring at [...]

Jul 25 2007

Give Me A Break

Give me a break with all the talk about Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. That seems to be all the news networks want to talk about these days. Here’s an idea for the news networks, how about talking about some hard-hitting news that affects our lives.
You know what while you’re at it stop [...]

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