Sep 24 2008

Activate Inactive RSS Email Subscriptions On Your Blog

Reading Daily Blog Tips I saw an article about Re-Activating Inactive Email Subscriptions. I have done this in the past to try and gain back a few lost RSS subscribers.

Sometimes readers can go inactive if their mailbox cannot be reached, maybe it’s full or the email servers go down for a certain period of time. [...]

Mar 27 2008

Adding FeedFlares To Your Blog

I stress to any new blogger and any blogger in general, that social media and networking is important. If your post can be popular on certain social media websites it can be very beneficial. We’ve just giving you the basic rules for social media and three new social media sites for bloggers. Now, to publicize!
What [...]

Mar 13 2008

Why Should You Encourage Your Readers to Subscribe?

Bloggers often tell you HOW you can increase your subscribers, but not why you should. Why do RSS subscribers matter? Why does John Chow mention that he has so many subscribers every week?
Chris from Wat da Wat asked this question about encouraging your rss readers to subscribe on the Bloggeries Forum. I thought I would [...]

Jan 5 2008

MyBlogLog Pro Subscription Winner

The MyBlogLog contest was good for them sparking interest back into the old community site. MyBloglog has lost some ground with other new sites coming up like BlogCatalog as well as Entrecard really being a force in the blogosphere.
The contest was even better for those who won, and were close to winning. Feedest edged out [...]

Dec 10 2007

Boost Your RSS Feed Subscribers: Give Something Away

Many new bloggers just don’t know how to increase their rss subscribers. It’s not that the content isn’t good, there just isn’t an audience yet. Blogs take a little bit of marketing regardless of who you are. We took a while to get rolling, but that was just due to inexperience. One tool that was [...]

Sep 27 2007

WordPress and Category RSS Feeds

So, you like a certain site, but you don’t like all the posts in all of the categories that the writer writes in, some of the topics just don’t interest you or you are only interested in one of the topics.
Well, did you know that for WordPress sites there is an RSS solution that will [...]

Jul 17 2007

Stolen Posts

Probably, like many bloggers, I get some of my posts ’stolen’ and then published on other blogs. It’s okay if there are proper return links – though personally I still think permission should be asked before publishing complete posts.
I even heard about one blogger who had his full site stolen – design, content – [...]

Jul 15 2007

9 Reasons for a Blogger to Use a Desktop RSS Reader

I wonder how many of you switched to desktop blog editors or even tried one after reading my 9 reasons to use a Desktop Blog Editor last week!
This week I would like to talk about a few reasons to consider using a desktop (installed or portable) RSS reader. As a blogger, I have [...]

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