Jul 7 2007

Three Steps to Keeping your RSS Feed Readers

Once a reader subscribes to your blog, it is your job as the blogger and author to keep them interested and engaged in your content. They obviously subscribed for a reason, so you have to keep them coming back. There are a few ways to do that.
Daily Content
Offering daily content is definitely the best thing [...]

Apr 24 2007

Are you using your RSS to promote your other blogs?

If you’re like me then you have a couple of blogs up your sleeve… actually if you’re like me you forego sleep, life and sunshine to feed your addiction to blogging and should really cut back (lol that’s not going to happen).
Now those of you who know me know that I have a distaste for [...]

Apr 5 2007

Subscribe to our Feed Contest

I am happy to announce our feed subscription contest!!!
All you need to do is simply subscribe to our feed. Read us through a reader, email, whatever you want. After you subscribe to our feed, comment that you have done so in this post.
After we get 200 subscribers we will be giving away the mini fridge! [...]

Mar 29 2007

Displaying your RSS Feed Count: What is the Big Deal?

Recently I’ve read a few articles on Displaying your Feedburner Subscriber Count. DoshDosh and I Help You Blog (two blogs I feed read daily) recently participated in a meme about it. The gist of their articles discuss why you should or shouldn’t display your feedcount. And if you do decide to display that count, make [...]

Mar 15 2007

Introduction to Feed Reading

As the months have gone on, it’s become extremely difficult to keep updated with everyone’s blog that I read, by visiting each of them.
That’s where feed reading comes in handy.
What is a RSS feed?
To put it simply, it is the blogs content. By subscribing to each blogs feed, you can then keep track of them [...]

Dec 4 2006

It’s All About The Content Baby

Today I bring you Content…well sort of. I think it is something that you will enjoy and something that takes a little pressure off me. It’s a little thing called an RSS feed. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is basically a script where you have constantly updated content whenever the creator of the content updates [...]

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