Sep 1 2008

Squidoo Is Perfect For Bloggers

Ok, I know I am a little late on this one. I’ve found quite a few people making a Squidoo Lens everyday so I figured I would find out what all the fuss was about. Overall I am pretty impressed and think that it’s perfect for any blogger to use. Yesterday I created my first [...]

Aug 27 2008

MomDot – It’s Where The Moms Go

I’ve always been partial to mommy bloggers. I can’t honestly say that I read too many of them, but I love networking and participating with the mommy’s in the blogosphere. I was pretty active in the PayPerPost forum, many of the bloggers there were mommys or women. Whether you need a vote, a link, or [...]

Aug 21 2008

Bloggers Buzzing About Yahoo Buzz

The latest buzz on the internet is Yahoo Buzz. Everyone from Entrecard to Problogger are buzzing. Both are different opinions, Entrecard has jumped on board, while Problogger isn’t buying the bait, neither am I. Regardless many people are excited over the possibilities of Yahoo Buzz. There is no web page more desired to be featured [...]

May 29 2008

6 Ways To Make Friends Online

We’ve found 5 ways to make enemies online, something I wouldn’t exactly recommend. By doing so our ‘enemies’ have found a way to get us penalized by Stumbleupon which has resulted in a huge traffic loss. So why don’t we play nice for a while and make some friends.
Respond to Comments
If you can treat your [...]

May 21 2008

Network Bloggers with Instant Messaging

Any successful blogger will tell you that it’s very important to network with other bloggers. Blogging is very social, networking can take you to the next step. Getting another blogger in your network is basically giving you another resource whether you need a link, post, or vote that is potentially one quick message away.
Instant Messaging
Contacting [...]

May 15 2008

SiteHoppin Hot on Entrecard’s Trail

What is the latest trend of online business? Online business try to earn money by offering web traffic which equals potential money and charging money in return for services or virtual credits which are usually worthless.
In the blogosphere itself, we have witnessed the success of Entrecard, the ineffective challenge from Spott to dislodge the king [...]

Apr 24 2008

Making Enemies on Social Media

I find it pretty silly to make enemies or rivals on the internet. I can understand competition respectively, but arguing, fighting and sabotage online? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.
I’ve Successfully Made Enemies
I found an interesting social media website not too long ago and posted about it. It was called Cybercreeps (it’s no longer in service). [...]

Apr 21 2008

I’m Twittering – Are You?

Twitter has become a big topic on the internet. I’ve found that I am not really good with change. Up until a few days ago, I thought twitter was a picture sharing website. I thought it was basically like a Myspace + Photobucket rolled into one. Boy was I wrong.
What is Twitter?
Well twitter is not [...]

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