Sep 10 2008

My Banner Design Team

I have no graphic talent whatsoever which makes it a bit harder to be a blogger. There are lots of times that I would love to create my own image for a post or feature on the blog. So to get banners made I have to hire a few bloggers that I think does great [...]

Jun 24 2008

Find the Best Web Hosting

With our recent web hosting troubles, I figure why not revisit Web Hosting Geeks. At you can find the best web hosting for your needs. The website hasn’t changed as much since the last time we reviewed Web Hosting Geeks, however it is different.
Top 10 Best Web Hosts
One thing that is different is the [...]

Apr 14 2008

How to Retire at 21

With the internet booming with bloggers and new websites everyday, more and more people are finding a way to make an income online. Some of course better than others. One person, Michael Dunlop, has seemingly made it his goal to show you how to retire at 21.
Young Retirement
“In the world of retirement, 21 is the [...]

Feb 19 2008

HealthRanker: Social Media Health News

Health is a growing awareness that everyone seems to be focusing on. From tv, to radio and now to blogs, nearly everyone seems to be trying to get healthier.
For that very reason, Israel of Fat Man Unleashed has released his new social media website, Healthranker. Healthranker allows bloggers, webmasters and users to submit health related [...]

Feb 12 2008

Typo Buddy: Find Misspelled Auctions

When I mentioned buying wholesale, Ebay and auctions where brought up. Surprisingly, for how much I am online, I don’t buy online at all. I can’t say I’ve ever won an ebay auction. I did however use Craigslist to buy a T-Mobile Sidekick. I have used both ebay and Craigslist to find bargains.
Typo Buddy
Everyone loves [...]

Jan 30 2008

Project Wonderful Review and Tips

Project Wonderful is another ad service that bloggers can utilize easily. It is another “wonderful” widget that is easy to use, for the most part. I took an “un-monetized” spot of our blog, in-between our Topspots and Blogroll and turned it into a money maker.
Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful is a great resource to use if you [...]

Jan 29 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New Blogging Forums

Promotion and discussion on forums can definitely help your traffic as well as web presence. I’ve even tried to run my own forum however it proved to be too time consuming and difficult to fight the spam bots. The benefits of forums are great and I really wanted to tap into that area.
Instead I’ve tried [...]

Jan 27 2008

VidSearchLive Video Search Engine

Search engines provide one of the biggest tools in the world right now. Information can be delivered to you in a matter of seconds. With so many people getting as much information as they want, the information then sometimes becomes popular. Such as internet videos. Some people have become internet celebrities due to their videos. [...]

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