Jul 2 2008

Blog about your Blog Theme Change

We’ve finally been able to make the jump and change our theme. I’m pretty excited about it, I think it looks good. We still have some kinks and other things to work out. Internet Explorer viewers please be patient, it’s a little off.
Any suggestions on our theme please let us know. If you haven’t seen [...]

Apr 7 2008

Top Comments Plugin – Good or Bad?

I’ve received several comments and criticism about not having the top comments plugin. Many bloggers like the plugin, but I like doing things my own way.
Positives for Top Comment Plugin
The top comment plugin can be essential for new blogs to establish a base and start interacting with their readers.
Installing the plugin is great incentive for [...]

Mar 10 2008

Monetize Your Blog With OIOPublisher

Are you looking to monetize your website like the pros? Get the great looking 125×125 and 468×60 banners, text link ads and sponsored postings delivered, paid and rotated automatically with the brand new OIOpublisher WordPress plugin.
To all of you Blog About Your Blog readers, this is Jim, author of TheNetFool.com (feed), a business blog focused [...]

Mar 1 2008

WP Auctions Plugin – Bid Now

WP Auctions is an interesting Wordpress plugin that allows you to host auctions on your blog. You can auction off whatever you want. This could range from advertising space to items. This is perfect for any website looking to sell their merchandise for a little cheaper each week. I can see using this plugin for [...]

Feb 7 2008

Taking Wordpress to a Whole New Level!

The folks at Automattic (guys behind Wordpress) released a very cool new theme recently which takes Wordpress to a whole new level.
The Prologue theme turns your blog into a Twitteresque site – with much of the same feel, layout and functionality. Some people are even suggesting this could be a Twitter killer.
I don’t [...]

Feb 5 2008

Wordpress Structure Theme

I’ve wanted a complete blog makeover for some time on this blog. However, to get the good designers to custom make it, that runs a pretty penny. When re-designing Blogging Addiction I chose one of my favorite new themes.

Structure Theme

Justin Tadlock designed the structure theme. Make sure to upgrade to a newer Wordpress to use [...]

Dec 10 2007

3 Must-See Lists for Top WordPress Plugins, Tweaks & Firefox Extensions

Blatant plug warning!

WordPress and Firefox have something in common. They are both extendable by user generated add-ons – WordPress Plugins & Firefox Extensions.
I love finding and trying out new Firefox Extensions and WordPress Plugins. You can find all these in the official Firefox Add-ons directory or the WordPress Plugins directory. But, [...]

Nov 29 2007

3 Magazine Themes For WordPress

Written by Mark of MeAndMyDrum | Fave MAMD | Subscribe to MAMD
Magazine themes are making a stronger presence on the Internet for bloggers. What’s a magazine theme? It’s one that provides snippets on your blog’s home page for one thing, so readers can see a variety of things going on in your blog, not just [...]

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