Aug 11 2008

Bloggers Selling ‘Sex’ Like Prostitutes

Browsing several blogs I’ve noticed many are using images. That usually is a good thing, images can really compliment a post. However, the going trend has been adding “hot chicks” and celebrities to posts.
Bloggers Selling ‘Sex’

I’m not sure how making money online has to do with Carmen Electra or Paris Hilton. I’m not going to [...]

Jun 23 2008

Can You Be Too Honest On Your Blog?

I never thought I’d actually lose readers (or a reader) for being honest. I’ve always believed having integrity and being honest is an important practice for any business including blogs, at least in my opinion. I’ve been honest so far, why stop now?

Website Outage
On Thursday Blog about your Blog suffered a short outage, from 10 [...]

Jun 19 2008

Be Careful With Adult Images

When dealing with the hosting of your website, make sure you know the rules. Many webhosts don’t allow adult images. My host, Hostmonster, has very particular rules. What you may think is okay, they may consider adult.
What is Adult?
Hostmonster has very strict rules when it comes to what is adult or not. There can be [...]

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