Aug 4 2008

Bloggers Adopting PerformancingAds as the Newest Money Maker

PerformancingAds everybody wins.
Performancing is taking that “everybody” thing seriously. No matter how big or small your blog is, you can sign-up for free. With PerformancingAds you can sell your empty banner spots.
PerformancingAds for Bloggers
Performancing Ads is kind of like the poor mans OIOPublisher. It provides you with a free alternative, as well as a “market”. [...]

Jul 14 2008

Free $250 FaceBook Ads Credit

I’m not much of a Facebook user. I am rarely even on Myspace. But I am aware that they all have advertising space, whether it is hosted by themselves, or by Google Adsense (myspace uses adsense).
However, when I saw this awesome offer, I decided to get a little acquainted with Facebook.
Free $250 in Advertising
You can [...]

Jul 12 2008

5 Dollars for 5 Links Advertising Special

In a small promotion for our new theme and the easy ability to use one of our favorite Wordpress Plugins, OIOPublisher. We have been able to sell a few banner spots, however not any text links. So we lowered our price to $5 per link.
This deal will only last for our first 5 link buyers, [...]

Jul 3 2008

What Now? They Keep Unsubscribing

The problem with having a RSS base from contests and other promotions is that they might have only subscribed for the prizes. It’s your job, as a blogger, to make them stay long term. The last successful big contest we did was actually our Christmas Contest.
As we’d of course like to launch another huge successful [...]

Jul 2 2008

Blog about your Blog Theme Change

We’ve finally been able to make the jump and change our theme. I’m pretty excited about it, I think it looks good. We still have some kinks and other things to work out. Internet Explorer viewers please be patient, it’s a little off.
Any suggestions on our theme please let us know. If you haven’t seen [...]

Apr 8 2008

Project Wonderful Not So Wonderful for Bloggers

After entrecard adopted project wonderful many bloggers seemed to adopt the same system. We gave it a try and wrote a Project Wonderful review.

Project Wonderful in Re Review
I gave project wonderful a pretty positive review, stating that it was a great resource to use for monetizing your blog. However, don’t expect much money from it. [...]

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