Oct 12 2008

Contest Roundup: October 13th

The best and simpliest contest of the net, only for you…
$20 Cash Weekly
Win $20 Cash every week by joining Garanew’s contest. A simple post on your blog and you are in!
$25 from Europe Stamps
Put a link to  Europe Stamps on your blog/site and get points when people click it. The more points you gain, the [...]

Sep 8 2008

When Networking Fails…

To successfully network a blog with other blogs in your niche can do wonders for your SEO, traffic and overall branding. I had that idea with Contest Live. Its the only active contest voting network and with so many contests going on daily, I thought it would be a perfect resource for bloggers with contests. [...]

Aug 31 2008

Contest Roundup: August 31st

Summer is going to be over soon, but here at BAYB contest time will never end! Enter and win!

Cash and Advertising 1

First Contest at Rockstartemplate. Three lucky winners will get hard cash, Amazon Gift card and free advertising options. Gain your points: subscribe, technorati fave the blog and write a post about it.
Ends on [...]

Aug 27 2008

MomDot – It’s Where The Moms Go

I’ve always been partial to mommy bloggers. I can’t honestly say that I read too many of them, but I love networking and participating with the mommy’s in the blogosphere. I was pretty active in the PayPerPost forum, many of the bloggers there were mommys or women. Whether you need a vote, a link, or [...]

Aug 10 2008

Contest Roundup: August 10th

Easy cash for everybody. Use your mail or your blog and win! And don’t forget Heckler and Jamie Kennedy Contest as well…
Cash + Free advertising
Win up to $50 via Paypal plus EC credits and free advertising at AnotherMMOBlog.com. As always, follow the rules and get as many points as you can by subscribing, commenting and [...]

Jul 13 2008

Contest Roundup: July 13th

Maybe you’ve never been lucky enough to win any contest. But the point is: what kind of contests have you joined? Only here at BAYB you’ll find the best and simple ones! A shout out to Super Blogging Tips for choosing us as a winner for a $50 gift card.
Win Cash, Win Entrecard Credits and [...]

Jun 21 2008

A Big Contest Prize That I Shouldn’t Tell You About

UPDATE: Okay I wasn’t really serious about not wanting you guys to join the contest. Thanks to Matthew for pointing out that I forgot to link to the doggone thing. It’s being held at KeithJamesLock.com. The contest post is here.
I was struggling to decide if I should post about this contest. I’m normally [...]

May 25 2008

Contest Roundup: May 25th

Welcome back, contests are waiting you! First of all, don’t forget DNXpert giveaway with incredible prizes! Cash, domain names, free advertising and more! BAYB is one of the sponsors! Here are more blog contests from around the blogosphere:
Cash from IMBlogger
IMBlogger is giving away a total of $600 dollars (PayPal) for three lucky winners. You only [...]

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