Feb 19 2009

Removing Google Adsense in Single Posts

As I mentioned before, I am giving Social Spark a Shot. So far it’s been okay, but I ran into a problem with displaying Google Adsense in my post. One of my blog is heavily monetized with Google Adsense, with it set to run within blog posts. With Social Spark or PPP you are not [...]

Oct 20 2008

Adsense Ready Wordpress Themes

Some of my websites are strictly for money making, others for fun, and some are just projects. I’ve made a lot of my free samples blogs into money makers.
Lately I’ve had quite a bit of success with Google Adsense, getting payments almost every month now. This month I am expecting to receive $200 in payments. [...]

Apr 16 2008

5 Indepth Blogging Tips

When I put together 23 Things I’ve Learned Blogging (with Carl’s help) I received a lot of great comments. One of the comments was by George Manty of Can I Make Big Money Online. He stated that there were 5 of those blogging lessons that are most important.
1. What’s In It For Me?
For a blogger [...]

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