Aug 21 2008

Bloggers Buzzing About Yahoo Buzz

The latest buzz on the internet is Yahoo Buzz. Everyone from Entrecard to Problogger are buzzing. Both are different opinions, Entrecard has jumped on board, while Problogger isn’t buying the bait, neither am I. Regardless many people are excited over the possibilities of Yahoo Buzz. There is no web page more desired to be featured [...]

Jul 9 2008

Should I Move Off Of Blogspot? YES!

A very common question I see bloggers ask is should they move off of blogspot. The simple answer is YES! If you really want to brand your blog and make money with it, you need to get off Blogspot. With that being said, I myself have several blogspot blogs. However, any blog I want to [...]

May 27 2008

Linking To And From Digital Point Could Be Bad for SEO

Digital Point is a massive webmaster related forum. There are thousands of users that log on daily to discuss different ways to make money online, as well as being able to buy and sell links. I’ve been able to make thousands of dollars just using Digital Point alone.
With that being said, using the site itself [...]

Apr 10 2008

Google Reinclusion: Get Your Pagerank Back

Lots of bloggers have suffered a loss in PR from selling links that pass PR (and some that weren’t). We’ve lost one point, then had a PR 0, now we are back to 3. I still wish it was higher.
How to Request Reinclusion
To do a Google reinclusion you need to register your blog for the [...]

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