May 24 2008

Garry Conn is the New Cow, Isn’t It Obvious?

John Cow became a funny parody of John Chow. Several had the idea, but only one has been able to successfully run with the idea. Bob Jones, formerly of, found a way to successful brand John Cow into a real money maker and authority in the blogging niche.
By doing that he has been able [...]

Apr 19 2008

Saturday Blogging Quick Links – Full of Drama

There have been a few interesting articles and debates surrounding the blogosphere.
45n5 put together the value of the top money making blogs. That list values BAYB at about $11,000. Don’t worry we don’t plan on selling anytime soon.
Ryan Shamus did his own thing doing a round-up of of the top 100 make money online blogs. [...]

Apr 16 2008

5 Indepth Blogging Tips

When I put together 23 Things I’ve Learned Blogging (with Carl’s help) I received a lot of great comments. One of the comments was by George Manty of Can I Make Big Money Online. He stated that there were 5 of those blogging lessons that are most important.
1. What’s In It For Me?
For a blogger [...]

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