May 27 2008

Linking To And From Digital Point Could Be Bad for SEO

Digital Point is a massive webmaster related forum. There are thousands of users that log on daily to discuss different ways to make money online, as well as being able to buy and sell links. I’ve been able to make thousands of dollars just using Digital Point alone.
With that being said, using the site itself [...]

May 26 2008

NeverBlueAds Pays Up And Then Some

NeverBlueAds was one of the first affiliate networks that I joined and actually used. Their freebie offers are perfect for some of my blogs. It took some time but I’ve reached over $100+ in earnings (almost$200), with the number being steady each month.
However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, for a while I was no [...]

May 13 2008

6 Ways To Get A Refund Online

I’ve been successful in getting a few refunds online as of late. The more that you shop and use services online the more you need to watch that everything is what you expect. There are several ways on how to get a refund online.
Tell Them What You Want
Writing an angry email and simply stating you [...]

Apr 5 2008

BAYB Popular Posts in March 2008

I haven’t done a popular post total since the beginning of the year when I did our best posts for 2007. Here are a few posts that were popular in March.

Stumbleupon Now Using Captcha – This post was very popular on stumbleupon especially, getting about 2,000 uniques and tons of stumbles. Do you hate captcha [...]

Mar 17 2008

No Longer Promoting NeverBlueAds

Since this post I have been compensated by Neverblue and have continued using them. You can view my follow-up post. Overall earnings for me in their network is now close to $1,000!
If you are not a Neverblue affiliate yet, make sure to join now.
I have been a NeverBlueAds affiliate for a few months now. I [...]

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