Oct 1 2008

Sell Your OIOPublisher Ad Space For Entrecard Credits

As Entrecard is trying to move forward with their rule change, that I call a step backwards, they’ve got a new plan in the works. Entrecard has partnered with OIOPublisher and not you can sell your adspace for entrecard credits as well as cash.
OIOPublisher with Entrecard
When you install the new OIOPublisher you can select the [...]

Sep 22 2008

Using WPAds With A Widget

WPAds is a great alternative to OIOPublisher, but it can be limiting. You can read our review of the WPAds Wordpress Plugin to get some basic information about it. It’s not as good as OIOPublisher but I just received a tip to make it a bit better.
WPAds in Widgets
Adam Fulford recently asked me a question [...]

Sep 9 2008

Using Performancing Ads with OIOPublisher

After blogging about Performancing Ads I never made much use of it. I left it on the sidebar for less than a week and just moved on. Why run Performancing Ads when I have OIOPublisher? Now you can do both.
Perfomancing Ads with OIOPublisher
Performancing has made it easy to get your ad code for whichever region [...]

Jul 21 2008

WPAds Wordpress Plugin

We’ve been letting you know about quite a few plugins lately. We wrote about 5 Wordpress Plugins That Will Make Your Blogging Easier. That included Wordpress plugins like No Self Pings and others. We didn’t mention however WPAds.
WPAds vs OIOPublisher
OIOPublisher is like a souped up WPAds. However, it does cost money, and some bloggers aren’t [...]

Apr 26 2008

Blogging’s Best Buys

I’m always looking for a deal online. Yesterday I had to renew a domain with Godaddy, the first thing I did was search for Godaddy coupon codes. Here are some great deals around the internet for your blogging needs.
The Domain
I use Godaddy for all my domain name purchases. I currently have about 5-6 domains registered [...]

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