Nov 23 2008

Making Money With Twitter

I don”t think trying to monetize your Twitter profile is a good idea.  Even using it to repost your blog posts is also not good.  But I have noticed that a few options have become available for those looking to bastardize their Twitter profile and thought I would mention them here.
First up is Magpie.  Magpie [...]

May 29 2008

6 Ways To Make Friends Online

We’ve found 5 ways to make enemies online, something I wouldn’t exactly recommend. By doing so our ‘enemies’ have found a way to get us penalized by Stumbleupon which has resulted in a huge traffic loss. So why don’t we play nice for a while and make some friends.
Respond to Comments
If you can treat your [...]

May 4 2008

Using Twitter to Connect With Your Peeps!

Are you on Twitter?
Some people use Twitter to spam others, some use it simply as a marketing tool. Others, use it as a personal journal but, I like many other bloggers are using it to connect with their audience.
When I introduce Twitter to a newbie the very first time, they always seem to say [...]

Apr 21 2008

I’m Twittering – Are You?

Twitter has become a big topic on the internet. I’ve found that I am not really good with change. Up until a few days ago, I thought twitter was a picture sharing website. I thought it was basically like a Myspace + Photobucket rolled into one. Boy was I wrong.
What is Twitter?
Well twitter is not [...]

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